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Getinge WD 88 TURBO

The new washer-disinfector had its premiere at Medica in DĂĽsseldorf and drew a lot of attention, not least for its huge capacity. In fact, under the right conditions, the Getinge 88 Turbo can pre-rinse, wash, rinse, disinfect and dry up to 15 DIN baskets in less than 25 minutes. That cuts earlier process times almost in half!

The secret behind the short process times is that the machine does several things at once. New drying technology – with more effective elements and distribution of hot air via all of the spray arms – also contributes to reducing the total cycle time.

Getinge Turbo minimizes the consumption of electricity, water and chemicals. Another new feature is the “soft start” of each process, to protect the goods. The pump gradually builds up to full force. Washing and rinsing agents are added automatically during the process.

The chamber has spray arms at top and bottom for optimal cleaning. The wash-carts also have spray arms between the shelves so that water, detergent and air (during the drying phase) are effectively distributed over the goods and in the chamber. Injector carts, which automatically connect to water and air supplies, are used for cleaning and drying tubular goods. For maximum hygiene and safety, the spray arms in the chamber and wash-carts can be taken apart completely for cleaning.

Superior cleaning and disinfection in half the time.

The fastest washer-disinfector ever lets you run a cycle in half the time, without harsh chemicals and with minimal media consumption! So you’ll need fewer machines, you’ll cut costs - and your environmental impact will be less! But it saves more than time – it also saves energy and water.

Product Description

The Getinge 88 Turbo ensures superior cleaning, disinfection and drying. But this machine does it much faster, without affecting the wash result. In a typical processing cycle the new Getinge 88 Turbo can clean, disinfect and dry 15 DIN trays in just half the time it takes for a conventional machine. The benefits are obvious. Higher throughput. Fewer machines needed. Shorter turnaround times. All these benefits will favorably impact your bottom line!

Accordingly, it saves more than time – it also saves energy and water! Since the 88 Turbo runs the circulation pump at rinse phase at half the speed, the water consumption is kept to a minimum. It also features a unique energy saving drying unit.

The Getinge 88-Turbo features innovative and patented solutions with a process tank, a booster tank and a drain tank enables extremely short filling and draining times. By continuously preparing for the subsequent phase, the Getinge 88 Turbo eliminates all "waiting times" in the processing cycle.

Superior cleaning and disinfection

The absolutely first-rate cleaning and disinfection performance of the Getinge 88 Turbo has been verified in various tests and is well documented. Naturally the product conforms to all relevant norms and standards.

Excellent load capacity

The Getinge 88 Turbo can be equipped with wash carts with up to five levels, loading 15 DIN trays.

Easy to operate

Our PACS 350 control system is very userfriendly. Program settings can be changed directly on the operator panel and are regulated by an access code.

Complete process verification

Obviously, the Getinge 88 Turbo monitors and records all cycle performance data. There are three ports for direct communication, e.g. with a printer, scanner or the TDOC documentation system. A built-in barcode scanner and printer are available as options.

Innovative solutions

A system featuring a process tank, a booster tank and a drain tank enables extremely short filling and draining times. By continuously preparing for the subsequent phase, the Getinge 88 Turbo eliminates unnecessary “waiting times” during the processing cycle.

Easy service access

The pull-out electrical cabinet makes it easy to access components. The self-diagnostics and preventive maintenance alarms also facilitate service and maintenance.

Product Features

  • Superior cleaning and disinfection with the fastest cycle time in the market
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Innovative and patented utility-saving solutions
  • Automatic drying sensor
  • Unique energy-saving drying unit
  • Easy to operate with our new version PACS 350 control system
  • Reduced water consumption thanks to the extra high water pressure in the circulation system and spray arms
  • Complete process verification.

  • Getinge 88 Turbo Unit Features in short
    Chamber volume L / Cu. ft. 340 / 12.3
    Chamber width mm / in 665 / 26
    Chamber depth mm / in 800 / 31.5
    Chamber height mm / in 667 / 26
    Capacity per load (DIN- trays)* pcs 15
    Capacity per load (SPRI- trays)** pcs 10
    External width mm 1270
    External depth mm 990
    External height mm 1870

    (*DIN 1/1 = 480 x 250 x 50 mm) L:W:H and (**SPRI 1 = 450 x 340 x 70 mm) L:W:H

    What’s the secret?


    The secret is not in what you see, but in the MULTI-TASK performance behind the panels (cover plates). The washing process is the same as in other Getinge washer-disinfectors – no added special chemicals, no hocus-pocus. But the Getinge 88 Turbo also features dramatic reductions in filling and draining times, in combination with the new and innovative high-efficiency drying. Here’s how simple it all works.

    Step 1 Pre-rinse

    The chamber is filled with cold water from the prefilled process tank in 15 seconds via a big quick-opening membrane valve. The speed-controlled circulation pump is soft-started and runs at full speed for superior cleaning results. The water goes via the spray manifold into the two spray arms in the top and bottom and into the spray arms of the wash carts.

    The chamber is drained in 15 seconds via another big quick-opening membrane valve in the conical bottom. The water is then rapidly drained into a drain tank, from where it is pumped to the building’s wastewater system.

    Step 2 Wash

    Cold or hot water from the prefilled process tank is “dumped” into the chamber at the same time as the drain tank is being emptied. The speed-controlled circulation pump is soft-started and runs at full speed for superior cleaning results.

    Cleaning continues until the wash solution has operated at the set temperature for the programmed time. The chamber is then drained in the same way as in Step 1.

    Step 3: Rinsing / Final Rinsing / Disinfection

    For the rinse phases, hot water from the pre-filled process tank is “dumped” into the chamber at the same time as the drain tank is being emptied. The speed-controlled circulation pump runs at half speed thus reducing the water consumption by up to 20 %.

    In the disinfection phase, fresh 90°C water from the booster tank (pumped up to the process tank during the previous phase) is “dumped” into the chamber. The rinse/disinfection temperature and duration can be set to comply with all known norms. The chamber is drained as described before.

    Step 4: Drying

    Fresh ambient air is preheated by the exhaust air in the air-to-air heat exchanger before being electrically heated to the drying temperature. The heated air is then transported in stainless steel pipes to the water manifold pipe and then into all spray arms.

    This concept assures up to 40 % shorter drying times thanks to very turbulent and efficient drying conditions in the entire chamber.

    The system is also available with an optional drying sensor to abort the drying process when the preset outgoing air humidity has been reached. This means even shorter drying times when operating at part loads.

    Reduced water consumption

    Since the Getinge 88 Turbo runs the circulation pump at rinse phase at half speed, the water consumption is kept to a minimum.

    No harsh chemicals

    Thanks to Getinge’s unique technology, fast, uncompromising cleaning and only thermal disinfection results are achieved entirely without the use of harsh chemicals – another important factor in reducing environmental impact!

    Unique energy-saving drying unit

    The drying unit features a heat exchanger that enables faster drying while using less power. Drying air is dispersed evenly throughout the load via all of the spray arms and create turbulent effective drying conditions.


    Wash carts

    Wash carts are available in a number of different versions: flexible OP carts as well as carts for MIS accessories, containers, AN goods etc.

    Transport trolleys and storage tables

    Transport trolleys or height-adjustable trolleys for manual loading/unloading are also available, as well as storage tables and return conveyors.

    Cart for 1/2 STU containers

    Capacity: 6 DIN containers with lids (600x300x150 mm)

    MIS-wash cart

    OP-cart 4 levels mounted with U-ramp and MIS-ramp

    AN-wash cart for integrated drying

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