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Getinge Washer Disinfector WD 86 - Series

Two models

Getinge 8666/8668 are fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled, washer-disinfectors. The washers are identical except for the depth of the chamber. Getinge 8668 is 80 mm deeper, enabling a maximum of 15 DIN trays to be processed in a load (8666 processes 12 DIN trays).

Advanced cleaning for high capacity environments

The Getinge 8666/8668 is the optimal system for advanced cleaning and disinfection in central sterile supply departments. It has high capacity for goods and can deal with everything from loading and unloading to program selection and starting completely automatically! The result is not just reduced workload for staff and less need for supervision but also a substantial decrease in total costs.

Ergonomie: Designed with safety and productivity in mind

Getinge 8666/8668 washer-disinfectors feature intuitive controls and a choice of compatible loading/unloading equipment to help staff members operate the unit with confidence while eliminating excessive wash cart handling. Unlike many competitive designs, these units feature upward-closing doors that are not suspended above the operator in their open position.

The illustrations above show typical female and male working heights for working with the Getinge 8666/8668. There are two colored fields showing the average levels of the next most suitable and acceptable working height. The field between these two coloured fields is regarded as the most suitable. Above or below the two coloured fields it is generally recommended not to perform any daily routine work. There is generally a natural difference between female and male working heights, as illustrated here. The illustration is made using the 3D drawings in the Getinge AutoCAD product library.

Product Descriptions

Getinge 8666/8668 are fully automated, microprocessor-controlled, washer disinfectors. These machines come with pre-programmed processing cycles for pre-rinsing, cleaning, post-rinsing, thermal (or chemical) disinfection, final rinsing and drying. Choose between single or double door models, with manually or automatically operated doors.

The Getinge 86-Series are suitable for the disinfection, washing and drying of surgical instruments (rigid and tubular), hollow ware, wash bowls, baby bottles, laboratory glass, anesthetic accessories and much, much more.The chamber is made of SSL 316L.

Effective cleaning capacity

The machine's cleaning capacity is exceptional. Removable spray arms between each level of goods are standard in each wash cart. Thanks to functional accessories and well-balanced water pressure, cleaning even on surfaces difficult to access is guaranteed.

Guaranteed disinfection

The relationship between time and temperature is decisive in achieving disinfection. Therefore the Getinge 8666/8668 has a built-in monitoring system that guarantees disinfection in every single process.

Interior and exterior drying

The drying module on the Getinge 8666/8668 is effective, fast and dries both the insides and outsides of the goods washed. It is also energy-efficient, as the heat in the drying air is recycled.

Fast process

The effective drying and powerful elements guarantee a short process time. As a result, the throughput of goods is high, and instruments are quickly ready for re-use.

Norms and standards

The Getinge 8666/8668 has been tested and approved by an independent institute in Germany in accordance with the standard EN-ISO 15883. The machine is also approved under MOD.

Product Features

  • Removable, easy-to-clean spray arms
  • Pre-programmed processing cycles
  • Hygienic design with stainless steel plates and flat operating panel
  • Automatic loaders and un-loaders
  • Double-action drying for cost and process-time reduction
  • Washing capacity of 15 DIN trays (8666 washes 10 DIN trays)
  • Data interface RS232 + RS485 for external printer
  • Independent temperature monitoring and validation test port according to EN ISO 15883
  • Differential pressure monitoring.
  • Exceptional cleaning

    Multiple spray arms between each level of goods, in addition to well-balanced water pressure, help provide unmatched cleaning of a wide variety of goods, regardless where they are placed on the wash carts without the use of hold-down covers or a gentle cycle.

    High Throughput

    Large capacity chambers and cycle times of less than 30 minutes with the STAT program and optimum utilitiles allow more instruments to be processed faster using less resources.

    Getinge 8666 Washer-Disinfector has a chamber volume at 10.5 cu-ft and can accommodate up to:

  • 10 DIN 1/1 trays (19"L x 10"W x 2"H)
  • 8 Typical US trays (20"L x 10.5"W x 3.5"H)
  • Special MIS cart and accessories with up to 96 connections for lumen and cannula devices.
  • Getinge 8668 Washer-Disinfector features the industry's largest chamber volume of 12.3 cu-ft capacity that allows for up to 50% more instruments per load accommodating:

  • 15 DIN 1/1 trays (19"L x 10"W x 2"H)
  • 12 Typical US trays (20"L x 10.5"W x 3.5"H)
  • Special MIS cart accessories with up to 96 connections for lumen and cannula devices.
  • Safe-to-Handle Goods with intermediate level thermal disinfection

    All programs feature a thermal disinfection phase that is setup to achieve intermediate level thermal disinfection and produce safe-to-handle goods to reduce risk of infection for patients and staff. Independent monitoring of the thermal disinfection phase is standard.

    Trusted performance. More speed

    Getinge 8666/8668 Washer-Disinfectors use a highly effective, dual stage drying system to circulate heated drying air through ports within the wash chamber and through the spray arms on the wash cart to quickly, effectively dry the load.

    Energy-saving, efficient heat transfer techonology reduces cost and process time by using the chamber exhaust to pre-heat the drying air.

    Wide range of accessories for the Getinge 8666/8668

    Stainless steel material handling accessories are designed for long service life under severe conditions. Accessories include a wide selection of manifold wash carts, instrument washing trays and covers, cannula instrument washing racks and carts, utensil racks, manual transfer/load trolley, auto in-line loaders and unloaders, auto return conveyors and discharge/storage tables. To see photos and examples, click on Read More or see on the menu Accessories or Loading Equipment.

    Familiar Control System

    Getinge's highly intuitive PACS control system is found on the 8666/8668, 46-series and other Getinge washer-disinfectors and sterilizers to minimize training and increase operational efficiencies.

    Independent monitoring

    Getinge 8666/8668 Washer-Disinfectors are equipped with an independent temperature monitoring and validation test port according to EN ISO 15883 as a standard. Data interface RS232 + RS485 are standard, as well as differential pressure monitoring of HEPA filter. Test ports for water and HEPA filter are also standard features.

    Top-quality stainless steel construction

  • Solid, stainless steel wash chamber
  • 316L - highest corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Full-view glass downward-opening door
  • Robust framework.
  • Operates quietly and with minimal heat emission thanks to double insulated walls.

    Norms and standards

    Getinge 8666/8668 washer-disinfectors are tested and approved by SPRI, BGA (RKI) and comply with the MDD. Getinge 8666/8668 have been tested and approved by an independent institute in Germany in accordance with the new standard EN ISO 15883.

    Pre-set programs

    Unit comes pre-programmed with 12 wash cycles in memory to address varying processing news. Six processing cycles are easily selected from single keys directly on the operator panel for conveneice. Pre-programmed cycles include Instruments, STAT, MIS Intruments, Orthopedic, Basins, etc. All programs are approved according to current standards - and developed to fit the intended use of the washer-disinfector. Compatible with Getinge CM320-series Multi-chamber Washer-Disinfector

    Getinge 8668 (Note: Not the 8666 model) has the same chamber size as the Getinge CM 320-series index washer-disinfector and can therefore be supplied with accessories that are fully compatible with Getinge CM 320.

    Green Advantages

    Take advantage of the many green initiatives that Getinge has to offer with the new STAT Program in the 8666/8668 Washer-Disinfector product line:

  • Lower water usage of up to 20% less than a typical instrument cycle
  • Reduced electricity use of 33% due to minimized cycle time
  • Improved utility efficiency and increased productivity resulting in lower operating costs and bottom-line savings.

  • Getinge washer-disinfectors 8666/8668 Unit Model 8666 Model 8668
    Chamber volume (net)**** L / Cu. ft. 314 / 11.1 348 / 12.3
    Chamber width mm / in 660 / 26 660 / 26
    Chamber depth mm / in 720 / 28 800 / 31.5
    Chamber height mm / in 660 / 26 660 / 26
    DIN 1/1* trays/load pcs 12 15
    SPRI 1** trays/load pcs 10 10
    SPRI 2*** trays/load pcs 18 20

    (*DIN 1/1 = 480 x 250 x 50 mm) and (**SPRI 1 = 450 x 340 x 70 mm)

    and (***SPRI 2 = 340 x 250 x 50 mm) and ****= Chamber material SSL 316L


    The Getinge 8666 is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled mechanical washer-disinfector. It effectively cleans, thermally disinfects and dries, moisture and temperature stable utensils, surgical instruments, anesthesia materials, and glassware prior to any necessary sterilization. Cycle times of less than 30 minutes may be achieved with optimum customer utilities. The unit is designed to process up to 8 typical US trays (20-1/2”L x 10-1/2”W x 3-1/2”H) or 10 DIN trays (19”L x 10”W x 2”H). Processing cycles are pre-programmed with recommended treatment parameters forpre- washing, cleaning, rinsing, thermal disinfection, optional lubrication and drying. All models feature vertical sliding power operated door(s) that move down to open and up to close. Automatic loading, automatic unloading and rack return modules are options for enhancing unit productivity. A fully automated Air Glide Shuttle automation system is also available.


    For use in healthcare facilities and laboratories where reusable items such as instruments (rigid and tubular), utensils, anesthesia sets, and glassware are handled for cleaning and decontamination purposes. The Getinge 8666 is available as a freestanding or recessed; single or double door model for pass-through operation.

    Thermal disinfection parameters: exposure of materials to minimum 194°F (90°C) moist heat for one minute, and up to 198°F (92°C) for fifteen minutes. This product is not a substitute for sterilization. Critical items, such as invasive surgical instruments, must be further processed by terminal sterilization before use in any procedure.


    Exterior: 44’’W x 73-3/4’’ H x 36’’D

    (1118 x 1870 x 914 mm)

    Wash Chamber: 26’’W x 26’’H x 28’’D

    (660 x 660 x 720 mm)


    Once the treatment cycle has been started, it will automatically progress through the applicable program phases.

    Pre-Wash Phase—Building supplied cold water fills the sump. The water is recirculated, to hydrate dried soils for the programmed time period. Upon completion of treatment, the solution is pumped to drain.

    Enzyme Wash Phase—Building supplied hot and/or cold water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for for the programmed time period. A predetermined amount of enzymatic detergent is automatically added to the sump as the solution is recirculated and heated to the programmed wash temperature. Wash temperature and time are adjustable to meet specific needs. Upon completion of timed phase, the solution is pumped to drain. Enzyme wash phase is an optional treatment that is included based on the pre-established program configuration.

    Detergent Wash Phases—Building supplied hot and/or cold water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for the programmed time period. A predetermined amount of detergent is automatically added to the sump as the solution is recirculated and maintained at the programed wash temperature. Wash temperature and time are adjustable to meet specific needs. Upon completion of timed phase, the solution is pumped to drain. Cold water is automatically added to the discharge solution to reduce the effluent temperature to 140°F (60°C) or lower. Up to two detergent wash phases can be included for cleaning with various detergent strategies (alkaline/ acid, etc...).

    Rinse Phase(s)—Building supplied hot or purified water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for the programmed time period to dilute and remove wash residues. Rinse time is adjustable from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Upon completion of time the solution is pumped to drain. Up to 2 rinse phases can be included for assuring minimum residual detergents remain on the load.

    Thermal Disinfection/Final Rinse Phase—Purified or hot water fills the sump from the final rinse booster tank or directly from a high quality water supply system such as RO or DI. Water is recirculated over the load as the heating coil increases the water temperature. to the desired disinfection temperature setting. Once the disinfection temperature is achieved, the temperature will be maintained for the predetermined exposure time. Exposure temperature is adjustable from 194°F to 198°F (90°C to 92°C) with adjustable exposure time of 1 to 15 minutes.

    HEPA-Filtered Non-Recirculated Drying—Fresh air is taken from the clean side and pulled through a heat exchanger by brushless fan motors, forced through a HEPA filter and across the PTC electric heaters before being circulated over the load. Heated chamber air exits the machine through the heat exchanger, which helps warm the incoming cold air, improving efficiency of the dryer. Drying time is adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes.

    Advisory Note: Getinge 8666 Washer/Disinfectors perform a critical cleaning and microbial reduction step in the processing of soiled reusable medical devices. Medical devices that will be used in sterile areas of the human body or will be contacting compromised tissues, must be terminally sterilized before each subsequent use in a human patient.


    When the disinfector is ready for loading or unloading, this is done automatically. The wash carts have sensors that start the right wash program for the particular cart.

    Automatic loading and unloading is a handy option that reduces handling time and means that the operator can periorm other tasks.

    Getinge AGS system (Air Glide System)
    The principle of the Getinge AGS is "no waiting". Wash carts are loaded into the washer-disinfector in the order of their arrival, since the wash carts for all washerdisinfectors queue up at one single point.

    The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically.

    AGS - How it works

    The washer-disinfectors are aligned side by side, with one shuttle that moves smootly along the front of the loading and another along the unloading side. Wash-carts are taken to a single point with a loading conveyor, and don't have to be moved manually again.

    As soon as one of the washer-disinfectors is available, the shuttle automatically picks up the next wash cart from the loading conveyor and delivers it to the free washer-disinfector. The Getinge AGS automatically sets the washer-disinfector to the correct program. No supervision is needed, and it can all be automatically documented for full traceability.

    The AGS has a control system separated from the washer-disinfectors. The control system is equipped with a built-in safety system which stops the shuttle if a person or object is touched.


    Transfer Trolleys—Wheeled transfer trolleys are used to move the wash carts and racks within the decontamination and prep/pack areas to perform loading and unloading of the washer-disinfector. The transport trolleys feature angled handles and swivel casters on all wheels to ensure proper ergonomics and ease of motion for varying user heights.

    Hold/Transfer Table—Stationary stainless steel table holds one (1) wash cart. Slots in runners hold wheels of wash cart to prevent cart from moving until ready. Table can be positioned in front of load and/or unload door to be used as a work table for manual operations such as: hold wash cart for loading and unloading operations, without exchanging the wash cart; transfer wash cart from mobile trolley to await loading in manual pass-through operations; withdraw wash cart on the unload side to hold for dispatch using a transfer trolley. The table can also be used as a pass-through window accessory, in one or more end-to-end units.


    Control system Getinge's PACS control system is used in thousands of Getinge sterilizers and washer-disinfectors around the world.

    The system is easy to use for operators and service technicians. The similarity with Getinge sterilizers gives a familiar environment for the user.

    Compatible with Getinge T-DOC (Instrument Traceability and Asset Management System) Available as an option for Getinge washer-disinfectors our T-DOC Cycle System provides direct interfacing and thus enables you to maintain a real time overview of the most important machine data.

    T-DOC can store all the process information from your machines - all in one place. This means that you can enter and study a process at any time via a graph or via the log values in numerical form. Quickly, securely and simply!

    Compatible with Getinge CM 320-series The Getinge 8668 (Note! Not Getinge 8666} has the same chamber size as the Getinge CM 320-series of Index washer-disinfector and can therefore be supplied with accessories that are fully compatible with the CM 320-series.

    • Booster tank - to speed up the process

    • Conductivity monitoring - to check that there

    are no residues of detergent in the final rinse water and therefore none on the item either

    • Printer - Integrated on the machine or free-standing.

    • Dosing pumps- 3rd and 4th

    • Cover plates- for building into barrier

    • Pressure monitoring- checks the water pressure

    • Drain cooling- cools the drain water

    • Purified water valve,

    Multiple Level Wash Carts—Standard wash carts are available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels of removable shelves. Each shelf will hold 2 typical US trays (20-1/2”L x 10-1/2”W x 3-1/2”H) or 2 DIN trays (19”L x 10”W x 2”H). Unique intermediate shelves and spray arms are removable to increase available load height when required. Each wash cart is mounted on wheels for easy movement in and out of the chamber, and for overall loading, unloading and transfer of equipment.

    Tubular Instrument Wash Racks—Various accessories, racks, and carts are available to accommodate a wide range of tubularcannula instruments such as trocars, suction tips, syringes, needles, rigid endoscopes and catheters, in combination with standard instrument trays. Cleaning and rinsing solutions circulate through individual injectors to thoroughly clean and disinfect all channels within the instruments. Rotary spray arms provide external cleaning. Available in configurations designed for cleaning up to 45 tubular instruments.

    Injector Bar—Unique cassette plugs into the Tubular Instrument Wash Rack and provides injection ports for eight (8) Laparoscopic Devices. Cleaning solutions are forced through tubing to clean and disinfect instruments.

    Anesthesia/Respiratory Wash Cart—Unique wash cart for processing temperature stable anesthesia hoses, masks, bellows, tubing and breathing bags. Accepts 8-12 AN sets with a maximum of 24 hoses. Cleaning solutions and drying air is forced into all items.

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