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Getinge K-series S, K3, K5, K7

Getinge K-series tabletop sterilizers have such exceptional speed and capacity that one unit does the job of two. The rectangular chambers utilize nearly 100% of the volume when sterilizing trays and cassettes (in a round chamber, 25% of the volume is wasted space). The B-process takes just 25 minutes to sterilize up to 10 trays, i.e. 20 trays per hour. And with a flash program for unwrapped goods, it takes a mere 9 minutes to get the goods back in circulation, so you can sharply reduce the number of instruments your clinic or practice requires. With three models with different chamber depths and load capacities, there's a size that´s right for you.

  • High-Speed SterilizationTM – exceptionally fast processes.
  • Superior load capacity.
  • Speed + loading capacity = Unsurpassed efficiency.
  • Stainless steel water tank with easy access for cleaning.
  • Safe sliding door.
  • Easy connection to external water supply.

  • EN 13060, effective as from September 2004, is the European norm for small sterilizers. One part of the norm defines vacuum B-process sterilization of wrapped, hollow instruments and textiles. Getinge K-series sterilizers have had this capability since 1989.

    Getinge K-series sterilizers have rectangular chambers that utilize nearly 100 % of the volume when sterilizing trays and cassettes. In a round chamber, 25 % of the volume is wasted space. Less is more when talking about trays in comparance with liters!

    Comparision (also against competetion)

    Actual efficiency in equipment utilization is a derivative of the process time: A lower process period, as with K3 relates to more sterilizing goods volume; further, the chamber form relates to more trays / cassettes placement resulting in a high goods volume throughput (see Getinge K5 in the table below) in a months period. The highest productivity one nedds the lowest process time in combination with the highest volume capacity.

    Below is a simple calculation to demonstrate the cpability.

    Parameter Getinge K3 K5+ Competetition 1 Competetition 2
    Chamber volume


    10 l


    15 l


    17 l


    18 l


    Gear toothed Trays (cassettes)/cycle 6 / (3) 10 / (5) 5 / (3) 6 / (3)
    Total process time 134 C, packed, incl. drying approx. 25 minute approx. 25 minute approx. 45 minute approx. 40 minute
    Number of gear-toothed Trays (cassettes)/hour 12 (6) 20 (10) 7 (4) 9 (4,5)
    Number of Trays (cassette) daily based on 8 hour day 96 (48) 160 (80) 53 (32) 72 (36)

    For smaller practices

    Getinge K3 sterilizers are ideal for practices/clinics with a normal turnover of sterile goods, and with a need for high-speed processing. The chamber depth is the same as for Getinge K5 sterilizers, but the height - and thus the capacity - is slightly smaller.

    Short cycle times

    The Getinge K-series features extremly short cycle times. For wrapped instruments (B-cycle), the standard cycles are:

    Getinge K3 - 23 min.

    Getinge K5 - 25 min.

    Getinge K7 - 27 to 30 min.

    Moreover, for dropped instruments, an extremely fast flash cycle is available, e.g. 7 minutes with Getinge K3. The combination of rapid processing and high loading capacity of the Getinge K-series provides the shortest goods recirculation times possible.

    Safe sliding door

    Did you know that sterilizer doors are subjected to a full ton of pressure? Conventional sterilizer doors have to rely on the hinges and lock to resist that force. Getinge K-series sterilizers offer a safer solution - a sliding door built into robust rails. Further, this design facilitates a smoother loading/ unloading and is ideal for small work areas.

    This design also protects the user from contact with the hot inside surface of the door and does not interfere with the often limited space in front of the sterilizer.

    water- energy saving

    Deionized water consumption is only 0,2 to 0,4 L/cycle. The Getinge K-series is easily connected to external water supply. The unique energy-storing steam generator gives instant access to the sterilization process in stand-by mode.

    Versatile accessories

    A wide range of accessories, including baskets tray holders, handles and other loading aids, allows you to tailor a model to suit your particular needs.

    Easy to use and care for

    User-friendliness and easy maintaince are other priorities in Getinge K-series sterilizers:

  • Easy to use - simply load, close the door and push "start".
  • Simple, low cost maintaince thanks to the unique design with few components.
  • Stainless steel water tank with easy access for cleaning, which helps prevent the formation of unhygenic biofilm.
  • Low consumption of deionized water - just about 0,4 liters for a typical process.
  • Easy connection to external water supply.
  • Cycle documentation through either a printer, USB storage unit or a serial port conncetion for PC.

  • Internal Measurements

    Parameter Unit K3+ K5+ K7+
    Chamber volume L / Cu. ft. 10 / 0,37 15 / 0,58 20 / 0,75
    Chamber width mm / in. 200 / 7,9
    Chamber depth mm / in. 345 / 13,6 345 / 13,6 445 / 17,5
    Chamber height mm / in. 140 / 5,5 220 / 8,7 220 / 8,7
    Capacity trays pcs / load* 6 10 10 + 10 minitrays
    Capacity cassettes pcs / load** 3 5 5 + 5 minicassettes

    * Tray = 284 x 183 x 20 mm

    ** Cassette = 287 x 186 x 39 mm

    The capacities of the three models are:

  • Getinge K3
  • 6 dental trays (3 with lids) or 3 instrument tays (330 x 190 x 38 mm)

  • Getinge K5
  • 10 dental trays (5 with lids) or 5 instrument tays (330 x 190 x 38 mm)

  • Getinge K7
  • 10 dental trays (5 with lids) + 10 half-size dental trays

    (5 with lids) or 5 instrument trays (330 x 190 x 38 mm) + 5 instrument trays (100 x 190 x 38 mm)

    External Measurements

    Parameter Unit K3+ K5+ K7+
    Width mm / in 526 / 20,7
    Height mm / in 485 / 19,1***
    Depth mm / in 570 / 22,4 570 / 22,4 620 / 24,4


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