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Ackermann Titanium Haemostatic Euroclip©

Ackermann is by far the fastest growing ligating clip manufacturer in the world. In several countries Ackermann has already gained market leadership. We are proud to facilitate a competitive procurement of these haemostatic clips and application devices to hospitals around the globe.

The Ackermann Europclip

This unique product line consists of a full range of clip appliers and titanium atraumatic haemostatic clips, providing you with a superior ligating clip and an extremely reliable and cost efficient delivery system.


The Ackermann Europclip is made out of the highest quality titanium available on the market so far, being extraordinarily pure and not containing any vanadium, which is part of some surgical implants. Because this impant effectively "walks-out" of the hospital with the patient after the surgical procedure, additional constrints, stringent safety regulations prevail. For example, the material needs to be biologically inert, radiolucent and non-magnetic for use with MRI or related equipment.

Titanium has an extensive surgical implant history and therefor is THE material of choice for vessel clips. It is less expensive than tantalum, the material the clips were manufactured from previously, has none of the disadvantages of stainless steel and, most of all, is not interfering with CT or MRI scans, delivering artefact-free images.

Clip Shape

Ackermann has the most atraumatic shaped clip in the market. Where competitive products only seal once, the EUROPCLIP gives you double safety. In addition to that, each clip is undergoing a unique surface polishing, which guarantees a perfect contact to the tissue.

Due to it's U-shape, the clip becomes stronger (work hardned) during compression and gives better resitance vs. the square shaped clips made by the competition.

Inner Serration

A new and highly advanced cross serration is available on each clip, which will make the clip even more secure against slipping of the vessel after closure - a crucial advantage.

Four clip sizes meet all ligation requirements: Small, Medium, Medium Large, and Large.

Further more, the unique chevron shape facilitates, the safe „tip-first“ closing action, schematically shown in the figure.

The Ackermann EUROCLIP® is made out of the best TITANIUM available on the world market.

The Euroclip design after closure will withstand a large pull force without slippage from an artery and /or vein. The occlusion gap is designed in a way that the vessel can't be damaged nor cut through due to overpressure but compressing strong enough to prevent a slippage of the clip.

Ackermann clips can withstand a higher weight than standard clips without slipping of an artery and / or vein. Likewise, Ackermann clips can withstand a higher intra vascular pressure without slippage when applied to a vein. It is also known to be able to withstand a higher intra-vascular pressure without slippage when applied to a vein.


The one way plastic cartridge used for the EUROPCLIP is holding six single clips. This is a high advantage against the competitive products, which come with 10 or even more clips, since there is lower or even no waste.

The individual clips are preloaded into high temperature plastic disposable racks, which may be autoclaved. The cartridge colour coressponds to different clip size. The clip fits into an individual slot in the rack matching its configuration. The arms of the clip grip the floor of the slot (because the internal angle of the clip is smaller than that of the plastic slot in the rack), preventing the clip fall-off if the cartridge is accidently turned upside down or encounters vibration in transport to the surgeon.

Each soft load EUROPCLIP cartridge is equipped with a sticky tape on the back side, so that it can be easily fixed to any surface, e.g. instrument table or surgeon's gloves, providing perfect handling.It is packed separately into a sterile pack. All loaded cartridges undergo gamma sterilization before being individually packed.

The EUROPCLIP is available in a color-coded size system, consisting of small, medium, medium large and large clips. The colour of cartridge (clip size), corressponds to the colour of applicator, to prevent any confusion during a hectic surgery procedure.

Clip Appliers

The design of the clip jaws of the applier needs to be well-thought. If the tip thickness is small, it is difficult to position the channels to accomodate the clip loading. This can induce higher stress in these areas resulting in flex-bending. Even slightly misaligned jaws can comprimise clip loading and clip closure. A clip may not load accurately into the applier jaws or may "scissor" when it is closed.

To remove the individual clip from the cartridge, the applicator forceps is firstly positioning into the slot over the clip, then lowering the applier and pressing the jaws over the clip. The groove in the jawsslides down the triangular clip until the closed end of the forceps clears the end of the clip and engagesit. The forceps can now be withdrawn with the clip locked in place and stable in all dimensions. The two sides of the applier has over a portion of its length accurately dimensioned (length, width) recessed channel, which fixes the clip in the applicator for further movement and transport to the surgical area. The clip is gripped (in space) by the triangular gripping means.

Tedious hand loading of individual clips onto a cartridge and sterilization of the assembly just prior to the surgical procedure was no longer necessary. The appeal to the nursing staff was obvious.

When the jaws of the applier forceps are partiallay closed by squeezing the handles, the two outer ends approach each other. The reason this occurs is that the angle at the apex of the clip is reduced during the closure of the applicator closes (while the longitudinal clip arm remains butted to a portion of the channel in the two sides of the forceps). This brings the tips together, i.e. "tip to tip" manner which is preffered by surgeons. . As the closure of the clip continues, the remainder of the clip closes from the tips, - backward towards the apex. This is depicted schematically. The prilimanary encirclement by the clip closure prevents slipage and movement of the underying biological structure.

The clip closed distally so the surgeon had the vessel completely under control prior to ligation.

Each single EUROPCLIP appliers undergoes a quality control. A spring system ensures a firm grip of the clips, precise loading and safe closing.

Ackermann is providing various EUROCLIP applicators for endoscopic surgery (see top of this page).

Effective management of bleeding is critical for promoting positive outcomes in the surgical patient. Throughout a surgical procedure, bleeding must be controlled not only to provide the best view of the operative site, but also to prevent the adverse physiologic effects associated with blood loss.

Haemostasis is the act of restricting or stopping blood flow from a damaged vessel or organ. Among the methods currently available to effectively manage surgical hemostatis - mechanical hemostatic technique such as the use of clips is gaining ground to increase productivity in the OR. Suture ligation are time consuming and othen adverse affects from patient bleeding (morbidity) risks result in the choice for clips. FDA 150(k) clearances for several design over the years has ensued in parallel with clinical trials undertaken.

Usual assessment parameters are:

  • Haemostatic clips and comparision with other techniques of haemostatis;
  • Advantages of clip appliers;
  • Compatibility of metal haemostatic clips with MRI and CT;
  • Adverse events involving haemostatic clips.
  • In all cases the hospital is purchasing ligating clips, - but these clips walk out of their front doors as a surgical implant. The applier (reusable or disposable) is just a vehicle to accurately and effortlessly guide and fix the clip at the surgical site. The ultimate goal is to rapidly stop bleeding of patient, without infection ans side effects or interference during MRI or CT scanning.

    Key Benefits:

  • Effective clip retention
  • Adhesive cartridge backing
  • Precise and effortless clip loading
  • Secure clip entrapment during movement to the surgical site
  • Ergonomic cartridge design including sticky foil on its bottom, for fixation to a surface for quick access by the surgeon during the surgical procedure.

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