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ArjoHuntleigh Flusher Disinfector Ninjo

The layout, equipment and working routines used in sluice rooms are decisive factors for successful infection control. We can provide complete, integrated solutions to create the optimised sluice room for a hospital or healthcare facility, from expert help in the planning stage to supplying vital elements such as flusher disinfectors for cleaning and disinfecting reusable items.



A total concept for the sluice room Ninjo⢠concept plays a vital role in fighting cross-infections by facilitating the creation of a complete integrated sluice room including flusher disinfector, sluice room furnishing, lidded bedpan and specially formulated rinse & de-liming agent.

A modular design makes it easier to configure the ideal sluice room. That’s the thinking behind the innovative Ninjo concept, which comprises the cost-effective Ninjo flusher disinfector and sluice room furnishings and equipment such as cabinets and storage cupboards, which can be combined to match requirements.

A total concept for the sluice room

This concept can play a central role in the fight against cross-infection by facilitating the creation of a complete integrated sluice room.

Ninjo concept enables a rethinking of sluice room design to enhance performance and the working environment.

Ninjo - Product Specification

Flusher disinfector that is easy to use â load, close and press start button.

* 9+2: Nine fixed and two rotating nozzles to meet highest cleaning requirements

* Safe and rapid thermal disinfection of the goods with the steam transported into the chamber through all pipes and nozzles

* Built to comply with European standard EN ISO 15883

* Smooth, hygienic chamber â no folds or pockets â to minimise the risk of residues or bacteria

* Easily comprehensible display

* Two programs: one for urine bottles and one for bedpans or toilet buckets

* Locked during process to enhance staff safety and ensure complete cleaning and disinfection

* Environmentally-friendly â low consumption of water and energy, recyclable material

* Wide range of holders for different receptacles

* Easy maintenance and service

* Five ARJO bedpans with lids and a drainage wall/floor à 4 1/4â (110 mm) are included in each Ninjo delivery

Models available:

* Freestanding

* Under-counter Accessories:

* Bedpan with lid

Water connection:

* Cold water: Ã 1/2â (15 mm), pressure 70-800 kPa, flow minimum 0.3 l/second

* Hot water: Ã 1/2â (15 mm), pressure 70-800 kPa, flow minimum 0.3 l/second

Key points

* The complete integrated concept includes flusher disinfector, modular sluice room furnishing, lidded bedpan in polymeric material and a specially formulated rinse & de-liming agent.

* Regardless of available space, sluice rooms can be customised to create a functional solution for specific infection control needs.

* The Ninjo flusher disinfector is highly efficient in frequent daily use. After 3-7 minutes, the utensils are cleaned, disinfected and ready for recirculation.

Making tasks easier and safer

The elements of the Ninjo concept can be customised and combined to form a safe and easy to use sluice room optimised to the needs of your facility.

Improving hygiene and efficiency

Infections contracted in hospitals and care facilities are a huge and expensive problem. Investment in a modern Ninjo sluice room, along with good hygiene routines, most importantly the cleaning of hands, are the most effective means to prevent infections.





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