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ArjoHuntleigh C-Series Beds

C-Series Beds


C - Series

The C-Series bed range consists of a series of four section electric profiling hospital beds. All the beds in the range have electrically operated backrest, knee-break and height adjustment. This bed range includes the C-30, C-480 and C-108 types.

(1) C-30

The C-30 series of beds offer enhanced safety, quality and functionality at a reasonable price. This bed has a choice of mattress platforms, safe working loads and other features to cater for specific clinical requirements and budgets. All of the beds are easy to use and have the patented Pro-Contour Advance profiling system which offers enhanced protection from pressure ulcers and gives exceptional comfort and improved postural support for the patient.

The C-30 Bed Series comprises of 4 beds, each with their own standard features and options to cater for specific clinical requirements and budgets.

Standard features on all beds:

* Electrically operated backrest, height, knee-break adjustment

* Battery back-up

* Handset lockout

* Patented Pro-Contour Advance profiling mechanism

* Intelligent Profiling System

* Auto-contour

* Dual sided manual CPR levers for backrest

* Dual sided integral hooked drainage bag rails

* Ratchet calf section

* Removable head / foot end panels with painted bar

* Linked braking / steering system

* 150mm under-bed clearance for hoist access

* 125mm single-wheel castors.

Standard features on C-Series 35, 36, 37, & 39 beds

Optional features on all beds:

* 150mm single-or twin-wheel castors

* Bed stripper

* Integral bed extension with mattress retainer

* Moulded plastic base cover

* Integral folding safety sides.

(2) C-48

The Contoura 480 four-section electric profiling bed is a highly versatile, general-purpose support surface. It has a safe working load of 267kg, to allow safe effective management of heavier patients. The electric operation of the bed, including instant push-button electric tilt allows effortless, accurate patient positioning. The patented Pro-Contour profiling mechanism gives five synchronised mattress platform movements at the touch of a single button. This gives exceptional comfort, improved postural support and enhanced pressure and shear reduction.

Standard Features:

* Electrically operated backrest, height, knee-break and tilt adjustment

* Battery back-up

* Nurse and patient handsets

* Handset lockout

* Patented Pro-Contour profiling mechanism

* Auto-contour

* Fast-drop CPR levers and electric auto-CPR

* Gas-spring assisted calf section

* Built-in bed extension with mattress retainer

* Full-width bed stripper

* Linked braking / steering system.

(3) C-108

The C-108 bariatric bed has been specifically designed to cater for patients who exceed the safe working load of all standard beds. The bed has a maximum patient weight of 450 kg (71 stone/990 lbs.). Particular care has been taken in the design of this product to create an appearance as close as possible to that of a normal, modern hospital bed.

The C-108 bed is available with an optional, factory-fitted integral weighing facility, which weighs up to 500 kg and is accurate to ± 500 g. Weighing can be carried out with the bed in any position, and an auto-compensation facility allows objects to be added to, or taken away from the bed without affecting the patient’s weight reading. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for use with the Contoura 1080 bed, including an orthopaedic fracture frame.

Standard Features:

* Electrically operated backrest, height and knee-break adjustment

* Fully electrically operated two-way tilt (+/- 14°)

* In-bed weighing facility - accurate to +/- 500g

* Battery back-up on all electrical movements

* Cardiac chair position effortlessly achieved using the electric controls, offering cardio-pulmonary, gravitational and psychological benefits

* Nurse and patient handsets Auto-contour and auto-CPR facilities Lockout facility, which enables the nurse to selectively disable some, or all of the electrical functions on the handsets

* Safe calf section adjustment mechanism

* Built-in bed extension with mattress retainer

* Perforated dimple sheet mattress platform Integral ¾ length folding safety sides, which angle out to 30º to increase the in-bed width

* Specially designed mattress, safe working load 450 kg, and safety side pads supplied as standard

* Version available without weighing facility (Model C-100).

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