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MAQUET AlphaMaquet 1150 : AlphaM Fixed/mobile

The AlphaM surgical table system incorporates a choice of removable tabletops that can be docked to a fixed or mobile base via a highly maneuverable transporter to facilitate patient movement and enhance operating room efficiencies. In addition, the transporter can dock the tabletop in either a head-first or foot-first orientation. This innovative table accommodates all surgical disciplines including general, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, pediatric surgery, and vascular procedures.

Advanced Workplace for Image Guided Surgery (AWIGS) allows the practitioner to perform diagnostics as well as preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative CT scans without having to move the patient by hand. The patient is positioned on the AWIGS’s carbon fiber transfer board upon entering the emergency room or operating room and remains on it throughout the diagnostic and treatment process. With a scan length covering the entire length of the patient, the AWIGS system also is a practical option for spinal column surgery. Vascular Interventional Workplace for Advanced Surgery (VIWAS) is an innovative system that allows practitioners to perform both surgical and radiological procedures from a single workplace without having to reposition the patient. VIWAS’s adjustable dual column design is extremely stable and precise.

The AlphaM operating table is the heart of an efficient circulation concept for the surgical suite. Beginning with the patient transfer unit and continuing through the anesthesia induction room and the OR, followed up by mechanical decontamination for the table top - offering all the equipment you need, all from a single source. Operating table columns in two performance classes can be combined with a wide variety of both special and all-purpose table tops. The program is rounded out with easily maneuverable transporters. A tailor-made configuration can be set up, for every intervention and for every need, drawing upon the building blocks in this modular system. The result is a workplace for the surgical staff which simply leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, user ergonomics and economy.

Patient Operating Table Parameter AlphaM Syst. High-end functionality all disciplines
Max. Patient weight (excluding 20 kg weight accessory) Model 01 : 180 kg; Model 02 : 225 kg (360 kg max. depending on table top&config.)
Table Height adjustment Model 11: 73 to 121 cm motor -powered adjustment range
Table Top Longitudinal shift 32 cm
Trendelenburg Tilt angle 40 °
Reverse Trendelenburg Tilt angle 40 °
Table top (lateral) Tilt angle ± 25 °
Back plate, up 70 °
Back plate, down 60 °
Leg plate, up 90 °
Leg plate, down 90 °

Background :

The field of medical procedures and surgery has become highly specialized. Very focused procedures are being performed in dedicated environments, creating distinctly separate industries, such as orthopedic surgery, ambulatory surgery, pain management, and endovascular surgery, etc. Equipment has been designed for these markets, which addresses the specific needs of each market. However, no single medical procedure table product is known to have been adaptable as a universal medical procedure table. Fixed tables have the benefit of interchangeability, but not the portability and cost effectiveness for the ambulatory market. Most operating room tables have the benefit of portability, but not the required modularity for any dedicated applications. Moreover, many of the prior art medical procedure tables are expensive and are difficult to maintain and hygienically cleanse.

The invention results from the realization that a less expensive and easier to maintain medical procedure table can be achieved by using a carriage pivotably mounted to a shuttle assembly, a main plate pivotably mounted to the carriage and a roll actuator subsystem including a roll actuator mounted to the carriage and having a stroke motion in a first direction, and a link subsystem connected between the roll actuator and the main plate and configured to translate the stroke motion of the actuator to motion transverse to the first direction to roll the main plate. The subject invention results from the further realization that a more adaptable medical procedure table includes opposing side guide rails on the main plate and a center section that includes opposing side guide rails and opposing side channels readily received over the opposing side guide rails of the main plate. This way, the same base unit can accommodate a wide variety of different table sections and configurations. With built-in rails, the medical procedure table can be used as a stand-alone traction table, without the use of a table top. The subject invention allows many medical procedure table products to be produced from one low-cost table base.

Product Description :

AlphaM tables design includes two possibilities : of a fixed base or a base which is transportable. By use of a trolley system, different upper OT palates can be utilized which have no openings for an optimum utilization of x-ray without local perturbation (which occur otherwise at the openings), having the possibility of "click-on" extension cushions, permitting individual cleaning purpose.

Without head plate the length of the table is 190 cm and with the head plate 216,5 cm; the effective width of the table for patient is 53 cm. The normal patient weight is 225 kg (plus 20 kg accessories), but under certain circumstances by adaption this can be increased up to 360 kg; the table height adjustment is substantial for most surgical duty performance.

Multi-functional transfer capability in the OR :

Current operating environments are often crowded with cables attached to bulky equipment, doctors and nurses who literally bump in each other trying to access the patient, read a monitor or adjusting an instrument. Not an ideal situation to facilitate efficiency, conducive to overall work flow and even the safety. The operating room of the future will include advanced technology, new OR architecture, and redefined work process to enhance safety and throughput, and thereby decrease cost.

The idea that is catching-on in modern hospitals is to have a Surgical Suite which comprises of a standard Operating Room (OR) interconnected to an adjoining MR room, providing the capability for multiple OR intra-operative imaging inter-connectivity. The suite can interconnect three or more standard OR's and facilitates patient transfer with (say) GE’s industry-exclusive detachable MR table design with the Liberty™ docking system.Uniting the MR system and multiple ORs is a state-of-the-art transport system that enables patients to be moved quickly and safely from MR to OR – and vice versa – during surgical, minimally invasive or therapy procedures. The patient is positioned on the transfer board and remains on it during the entire patient care process. Maintaining the patient on the transfer board simplifies the patient care process by eliminating lifting and repositioning by OR staff. The AlphaM surgical table enables two or more OR's to be interconnected for intraoperative imaging.

“As a surgeon, the ability to take any table top which is fully functional in any one of our 11 operating rooms and transfer the table top and dock it to the 3.0T MRI scanner during surgery provides us with impressive versatility. Cases in which an intraoperative scan may or may not be needed will still be allowed to be scanned as needed without otherwise tying up a single dedicated MRI OR. Thus the full functionality of an OR with its non-MRI-compatible hardware can still be used to its full advantage,” noted Dr. Spetzler. “Finally the location of the intraoperative MRI scanner allows the scanning of patients as they leave the operating room or patients located in the recovery room. It can even accommodate patients in nearby ICUs if the scanner is sitting idle making the financial investment more viable.”

Work Concept of System Operation Theater bed mounted on a column affixed on the ground. It is evident that mobile OT’s are popular since these can be utilized for many disciplines, but also to transfer patients. As outlined, although there is a drive towards an universal bed top, each discipline (say ENT, cardiac etc) may need its own specific form to perform that specific procedure optimally. Bed conversion is time consuming for the staff, adds to cost, but may also hamper the hygienic safety of the patient. Another possibility is to have ready several mobile operating tables, each with a specific so called “universal” bed top as prescribed belonging to each discipline; but this involves a larger economic outlay but also a congested operating theater, - or alternatively requires larger work space. Fixed operating tables (as against mobile operating tables) benefit in the interchangeability of different “universal” bed top (specific to the discipline, see aforesaid), - but not in the portability and cost effectiveness for mobile OT applications. Experience demonstrates that with Fixed operating tables, particularly when the bottom plate is “bolt”anchored to the ground, this imparts a larger stability towards the patient particularly when an intermediary position change is required during the operative procedure or patient needs to be displaced to another workstation (say adjacent MRI unit) as an integral part of the total procedure. In these intermediary operative procedures patient displacement should be accomplished with a minimum of patient movement during motion. With such so-called Fixed tables there are no pedals to brake the tables movements which could hamper the free movements of the staff during critical procedures. To improve the economics and the operating theater space utilization, the AlphaM is has gained popularity which at its inception provides a support of a top plate positioned on a trolley system affixed and positioned above a lower column. This embodiment features the operating procedure table comprising of a base plate, a base column extending upward from the base plate, a shuttle assembly telescopically mounted to the base column, a carriage pivotally mounted to the carriage, and a roll actuator subsystem. Furthermore, at the bottom of this column is the base plate is bolt affixed to the ground.

The table center section 50 (in Fig.3) includes side frames 51 on each edge, each having opposing side channels to attach center section 50 to the main plate 18 on two opposing guide rails 38a and 38b (Fig.1). Back section 52 engages with the center section 50 through opposing hinges 53a and 53b. Head section 54 engages back section 52 and may be adjusted using sliding mechanism 55 (Fig. 4). Leg section 56 engages center section 50 through locking joints 58a and 58b. Sections 50, 52, 54 and 56 may include patient support surfaces theron and may be also constructed of an x-ray translucent material.

ADVANCED WORKPLACE FOR IMAGE GUIDED SURGERY (AWIGS) Diagnosis, operation and control from a single surgical workplace With the AWIGS system, the patient is positioned on a transfer board made of a carbon fibre material on admission (trauma system) or when brought into the OR area, and remains on this board throughout the diagnosis and treatment process. This allows both basic diagnostics and preoperative, intra operative and postoperative CT scans without having to move the patient manually. The scan range covers the whole length of the patient, which means the AWIGS system is also a practical option for operations on the spine. The gantry diameter of the CT is 70 cm, and the maximum patient weight is 225 kg for all system components, which is adequate even for adipose patients. The two columns, the so called “Duplex Column” which can be adjusted lengthways and widthways using a rail system, guarantee: Extreme stability, precision and repetition accuracy as a basis for maximum treatment success, no disruptive column elements when using C-arms or angiography systems and optimum patient access for the doctor. The system can also be equipped with a revolving Transfertable with one column instead of the Duplex Column, shown in the picture above.

AWIGS Operation Unit

Interdisciplinary workplace for :




Interventionell Radiology

Maxillo-Facial Interventions

Cardio-Vascular Surgery

Generell Surgery

Smooth operation, for the benefit of patients and staff: As the world's market leader in operating tables and systems solutions for the surgical suite, AlphaM producers is aware of the demands associated with everyday work in the surgical department. Every intervention involves precious time which necessitates optimized work flow between the emergency room, radiology and surgical departments. Ideally this should, if at all possible, be done without any need to lift or move the patient, with the best possible utilization of all available resources. AlphaM supports a seamless treatment chain by offering interdisciplinary workplaces for diagnostics, operations and monitoring in both surgery and radiology. A revolution in the emergency management Decrease of manual patient transfers The trauma concept that eliminates re-bedding the patient: This solution achieves up to 80% time saving in the critical phase. That's important because time plays a critical role in trauma. Staying within the "golden hour" between the time of the accident and arrival at the hospital significantly increases a patient's chances of survival and recovery. That makes it important not to sacrifice the time that has been gained and frequent and stressful re-bedding can whittle away any time advantage. Traditionally, patients are transferred up to ten times. With the AWIGS /VIWAS solutions, a maximum of only two manual re-bedding stages are needed - once on arrival at the emergency room and once to the hospital bed on the ward. This reduces stress and strain for both patients and staff thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Vascular interventional workplace for advanced surgery. Diagnosis, operation and control from a single surgical workplace. VIWAS, brother of the AWIGS system, brings surgery and radiology together for the first time.

The VIWAS system from producers of AlphaM is the first completely radiotranslucent operating table. This innovative new system was specially developed for heart and vascular surgery. But the operating table is equally suited to the requirements of neurosurgery and orthopaedics. The table-top – which is made of carbon fibre – can be adjusted both longitudinally and laterally. This mobility means that it is no longer necessary to keep repositioning the heavy C-arm. The patient can be moved to the exact position required. The VIWAS system is based on two columns offering free access to all parts of the body for imaging processes and is incredibly stable – even when used in conjunction with surgical robots.

The two columns guarantee:

Extreme stability, precision and repetition accuracy as a basis for maximum treatment success, No disruptive column elements when using C-arms or angiography systems and Optimum patient access for the doctor.

Interdisciplinary workplace a step forward in Vascular Surgery the "transparent operating table" consistent development for interventional radiology, vascular surgery and cardiology. Fast, careful and safe operations.

Diversity of transport: Three transporter types are available for the table-tops in the operating table systems AlphaM.

– the transporter 1146.60A0 with a rigid design, the transporter 1146.61A0 with quick tilt adjustment (Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg) and the transporter 1146.62A0 with tilt and height adjustment.

All the transporters are characterised by their excellent manoeuvrability, all may be adjusted longitudinally and laterally, and all are designed for a maximum patient weight of 225 kg, optionally 360 kg plus 20 kg accessories.

An additional tracking wheel, set in a central position, ensures that tight curves may be negotiated and that the transporter always moves in straight line when desired, while the central brake lever guarantees that the casters are always securely locked.

Manufactured fully in nickelchrome steel, the transporters may be mechanically decontaminated.

A further benefit: The one-hand quicklocking adjustment of the Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg function, integrated into the handle.

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